How to Add Your Payout Information to The Pixel Gallery

How to Add Your Payout Information to The Pixel Gallery

It's necessary for artists selling artwork to The Pixel Gallery to add their payout information, otherwise we won't know where to direct their funds when an artwork sells! The Pixel Gallery seeks to make life easy for our artists by providing the option of receiving payouts in their local currency, or in cryptocurrency. In this article, we explain the options available for receiving the proceeds of the sales of your artwork, and provide instructions on how to update your payment information correctly.

It is possible to add artworks as "Not for sale" (i.e. for displaying purposes only) to The Pixel Gallery without adding payment information.

In addition to the written blog, we have recorded a video to show you how to use the Stripe registration form. If you prefer to watch a video, please see the video below.

Where to Change Your Payout Settings

In this section, we describe how to navigate to the payment methods section of the dashboard, from which your payment information can be updated.

  • Step 1: Navigate to the dashboard. While signed in to your account, find the user menu in the top right of the navigation bar, and select Dashboard to navigate to the dashboard.
The user menu provides the easiest way to reach the dashboard.
  • Step 2: Once in the dashboard, select the tab labelled "Payment Methods" to move to the section from which you can update your payment information.
Select the tab "Payment Methods" to update your payment information.

Which payout methods are available?

The Pixel Gallery currently allows payouts to be made in your local currency or with the cryptocurrency Cardano. The following two sections go in to more depth on how each payment method can be set up. Only one method needs to be set up in order to sell on the website.

Your Local Currency

The Pixel Gallery uses Stripe to manage payments in your local currency. Stripe is a well established payments company who know how to store your information securely and are fully PCI-compliant.

In order for us to pay you, and to act as a seller on the website, your bank account information must be registered with the website.

Click "Register with Stripe" to be redirected to the form in which you can enter your account information.

Stripe will ask for personal information, which it is legally required to them to safely make the payouts.

The registration form may differ for everyone. When we tested it from the UK, the only bank information requested was the sort code and the account number. In the UK, it is impossible for your account to be charged using only the sort code and account number, so there is no risk in providing this information[1,2].

As we filled out the registration form, the only banking information requested was for a sort code and bank account number. The information requested may of course vary from person to person.

In the edit business details section, we suggest choosing Digital products > Other digital goods. For your business website you could put a personal website, or if you are only selling on The Pixel Gallery, you can enter the address "".

In the edit business details section, we suggest choosing Digital products > Other digital goods.

Click "Save" and continue through the form. Once all of your details have been added, you should see a screen like the one below. Here you can adjust and review your information before submitting. Check over your details to ensure that all of the information was entered correctly.

Stripe lets you review you the information you submitted before finishing the process.

Click "Agree & Submit" on the last screen to submit your information, and you will be taken back to The Pixel Gallery website.

Once we have received confirmation from Stripe that your details have been registered correctly (this happens quickly in most cases), the button on your dashboard will change to "Open Stripe Account". If the button is not changed immediately, try refreshing the page a little later to confirm that your account has been linked to Stripe properly.

When your details have been registered successfully, the Dashboard should look similar to this.


Using a Cardano wallet address will be best if you prefer to be paid in cryptocurrency/ADA (Cardano's native token), or if none of the other payment methods are suitable for you.

Add a valid Cardano wallet address to enable this payment option.

Enter your wallet address into the form to enable this payment option.


In this article, we have given instructions on how to make changes to your payment information in The Pixel Gallery, and under what circumstances each payment method will be most appropriate. You can enter your payment information once for any combination of the methods described above, and simply use the preferred payment method dropdown menu to change which one you would like to be used to receive your payouts.

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Thanks for reading this article, we hope it gave you the answers you need. Good luck selling! Have a great week.

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