How to Edit Your Artist Profile Page

How to Edit Your Artist Profile Page

The Pixel Gallery has given artists profile pages to allow artists to add more information about themselves and their art. We encourage everyone using The Pixel Gallery to fill out their profile pages as much as possible, and to interact with others' profiles, which boosts your presence and lifts the whole community too! This guide provides you with the information necessary to start updating your profile page.

This article covers how to perform the following tasks:

  • How do I Access My Profile Page?
  • Changing Your Profile Photo
  • Changing Your Name and Bio
  • Changing Your Cover Photo
  • Changing Your About Section
  • Changing Your Links
  • Making Your Profile Public

Let's get started!

How do I Access My Profile Page?

You can always find a link to your profile in the user menu to the right of the navigation bar.

Click on the menu item with your email address to go to your profile page.

Changing Your Profile Photo

The option to change your profile photo can be accessed from the vertical dots menu to the right of your profile page.

Click Edit Profile Picture to open a file browser from which you can select your profile photo.

Clicking on "Edit Profile Picture" opens a popup which allows you to either click and drag, or to browse for your profile photo.

Drag your profile photo into the drop zone or click to browse your computer.

Once you have selected a picture, the popup becomes an interface that allows you to quickly crop and preview the image.

Crop your image to the desired size and click save to update your profile picture.

Once the update is complete your new profile image will show on your profile.

And you're done!

Changing Your Name and Bio

Your name and your biography are important information for your profile, especially if you are adding new artworks to the website as this information is displayed alongside your artworks.

The ability to edit these fields is also accessed from the vertical dots menu as shown below.

Select "Edit Profile Information" to update your name and bio.

Selecting the "Edit Profile Information" option opens the popup which allows you to add your name and bio.

Add your information and click save!

Once the information is updated, the window will close and the new information will be visible on your profile.

Changing Your About Section

The "About" section lets you add information about your education history and your geographical location.

Open the edit popup by selecting it from the vertical dots menu.

Insert your information in the text fields and click save to update your information.

Once the information is updated, it will displayed in the about section of your profile.

Your education history and location will show in the about section of your profile. 

Changing Your Cover Photo

When you create a new profile, the top of the profile page will look similar to the image below:

To change the cover photo, hover your mouse over the grey area where the cover photo will go, and an option to change the cover image should appear to the bottom-right.

Hover over the cover image area with your mouse to reveal the option to change your cover image.

Once the button is clicked, the cover photo area will turn into drop-zone, where you can drag-and-drop your cover art, or click to open a file browser.

Once the change cover button is selected, a drop-zone will appear.

Once added, your new artwork will be previewed so you can review it before saving the changes.

Notice the new menu options on the right when your cover photo is added.

Once the new image is added, click cancel to revert to your previous cover image, or click confirm to accept the updated cover image. Once you've clicked update, the buttons should change back to only displaying the "Change Cover" option, which indicates that you have successfully updated your cover image! Please allow some time for the image upload to complete, especially when the cover image file size is large.

Once your cover is updated the buttons will have changed back to only the "Change Cover" option.

The Pixel Gallery also provides the ability for users to external links to their profiles. These could be the websites of other galleries/artist groups you belong to, or personal websites. We also allow members to link to their profiles on other social media websites.

The "Edit Links" option is also found in the edit profile menu, as is shown below.

Fill out the links you would like to add, and click save once you are done.

Once your information is saved, it will show in a separate box dedicated to showing your links below the About section.

Making Your Profile Public

In order to prevent the list of artists being filled by blank profiles, we don't show new profiles there by default. We have designed the website so that it will automatically make your profile "public" once your profile meets certain criteria. These are:

  • You have added your name,
  • You have added a profile picture,
  • You have added one artwork to the website.

Once these criteria are satisfied, you should see your profile in the list of artists.

Promoting Your Profile to your fans

Whether your profile appears in the list of artists yet or not, you can promote it to the public to try to get followers and more attention to your art. This can be done easily using the URL to your profile. This can be copied from your address bar and will have the format<artist-name>.  

You can add this URL to your facebook page, to your personal website or accounts on other websites/artist's directories (like Axisweb).

We'll write a more in depth article about promoting your artwork using The Pixel Gallery soon, but the tip above should help for now.


In this article we've provided step-by-step instructions to walk you through the process of  updating your profile information on The Pixel Gallery. We hope we've made this process easier for you with this blog post. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.

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Thanks for reading this article, we hope it gave you the answers you were looking for. Have a great week.

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