How to Edit Your Artwork Information on The Pixel Gallery

How to Edit Your Artwork Information on The Pixel Gallery

Previously we have written on How to Upload and Sell Your Artworks as NFTs , which explains the process of adding new artworks to The Pixel Gallery. However, the add new artwork page does give access to the full range of information that can be entered to the artwork listings, and it's always possible (and encouraged) that you could want to make changes and improvements to your listings at a later date. This article explains how to edit your artwork listings to make sure they are looking comprehensive and sharp.

The topics covered in this article are:

  • The Artist's Toolbar
  • Editing The Title and Description
  • Editing Information about the Original Artwork
  • Editing the Price

The Artist's Toolbar

The Artist's Toolbar is your go-to place for making changes to your listing. The Artist's Toolbar is a toolbar we have created that will only visible to you in your product listings. All of the functionality required for managing artwork listings will be kept on this toolbar both for organisational and clarity purposes. Here's a picture of the toolbar:

  • The status represents whether the listing is "active" (which means the artwork is currently for sale), or the product can be "inactive" if it is unlisted, or "sold" once someone has bought the artwork.

Editing The Title and Description

Both of these settings can be edited editable by selecting the "Edit Brief" option.

Add or adjust your title and description here and click save to make the changes go live!

The Edit Artwork Brief option opens a popup just like this.

Editing Information about the Original Artwork

The "Edit Artwork Information" option allows you to add more information about the original artwork. This information helps buyers learn more about your artwork and your creative process, as well as a bit more about the history of the artwork. The settings that can currently be changed here are:

  • Original Artwork Dimensions
  • Photo Accreditation (who took the photograph of the artwork)
  • Artwork Materials
  • Date the Artwork was Created
The Edit Artwork Information Popup

Editing the Price

The Edit Price setting allows you to change the price and the currency denomination for your artwork. The popup is shown below.


Thank you for reading this article which explains how artists can edit and update the information on your artwork listings. This article will be kept up to date with changes as we update the website. If you have suggestions for additional information you'd like to be able to add, get in touch with us, we'd love to hear your ideas!

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