Referral Codes on The Pixel Gallery

Referral Codes on The Pixel Gallery
Our newly launched referrals program might be an interesting way to earn a lower commission on your artwork sales

Thank you to all the artists who have recently joined us, and have contributed to our growth in the recent months! To show our appreciation and to reward our existing artists, we are launching a referral scheme. The goal of this scheme is to encourage artists to share the word about our project and in return we pass rewards on to them for doing so!

This article aims to explain the program in more detail than there is space for on the referrals page. Click here to visit the referrals page and get your link. If the referrals page is not working, double-check that you are logged in.

This article covers:

  • How does the referrals work?
  • How do I get my referral link?
  • Where should I Share my referral link?

How does the referrals program work?

Each artist is provided with a unique referral link, and if anyone signs up using your code and adds artwork to the site, then both you and the new member will have a reduced commission of just 7.5% on the next sale of your artwork. Referrals are counted cumulatively, so if your efforts lead to 5 new artists, then your next 5 sales will have the reduced 7.5% commission.

When people sign up using your link, they will appear in the "Your Referrals" section of the referrals page, where you can track their progress and see how many rewards you have earned.

People who have signed up from your referral link will show in the your referrals section.

Broadly speaking, there are two approaches you can take to sharing your link: Get creative, or use one of our pre-built methods. We'll explain the "get creative" option first so you understand how the links work, and you can use our pre-built methods if you find them more convenient.

The referral link at its most basic level is just a link that has a reference to each artist's unique code. A referral link might look like,,

where your_referral_code is the unique referral code that is assigned to each artist. If a user visits The Pixel Gallery with such a link, their visit will be recorded and we will be able to tell if they sign up at a later date following on from your referral.

To get your referral link, click the "Copy link" button in our "Ways to invite your friends" menu.

Click copy link to copy the referral link to your clipboard.

Once you have copied the link, you can paste it anywhere, and anyone who comes to The Pixel Gallery from that link and signs up will be attributed as your referral. Here are some ideas of places you might suggest this link might be:

  • Send an email to an artist you know personally.
  • If you have a blog or website, consider writing a blog post and featuring the link or putting the link somewhere visible.
  • Posting the link in any art forums.
  • Post the link in art-related facebook groups.
  • If you are posting your work on Instagram, you could include the link at the bottom of some of your posts.
  • Add the link to the descriptions of your artworks on Pinterest.

We encourage you to get creative here, as you will know better than anyone which methods will work best for you!

As you can see from our "Ways to invite your friends" menu, we have built many methods to easily share your referral link using services that you may already have heard of.

Use the buttons in our "Ways to invite your friends" to explore suggested methods of sharing your referral link.


Thanks for reading our article about how referrals work on The Pixel Gallery. In this article we have covered what the referral program rewards are, how to find the referrals page and ways you can share your referral link. We hope the referral program is of interest to you and that you take advantage of it as a way to bring down your commissions.

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Thanks for reading, have a great week.

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